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Mar 2015
Guillaume Larose
Mar 19 2015 00:56
Hi, I guess it was suggested by Dave Syer earlier today that I run this through this room for ideas, trademark infringement issues and the possibility of linking to it as a community implementation of a microservice ecosystem working with all that is spring boot, data rest, cloud, oauth... etc :
Still a work in progress but we intend to use that as the building blocks for our architecture and go to production with this soon and start building on top of it. There are no problems renaming the project, or anything else, if name is an issue.
Spencer Gibb
Mar 19 2015 19:13
@theonlyguills I don’t have anything official to say. Having spring-cloud as part of the org seems to make it look like it is officially part of spring-cloud. Maybe prefixing <your company name>-microservices? Don’t get me wrong, we love that you are embracing spring-cloud and spring boot.