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Mar 2015
Guillaume Larose
Mar 20 2015 12:27
Okay, thanks! We'll come up with an org name without spring-cloud. I'm trying to avoid using our org name in there, as we're a govt. organization. Many thanks for the amazing work so far!
Mar 20 2015 19:59
Hey, so I think I might have found an issue similar to
I created a repo in order to try to reproduce it in a simpler fashion
I thought it would be best to confirm before I created a jira ticket
Spencer Gibb
Mar 20 2015 20:25
@schultzy51 did you want the spring-boot room?
Mar 20 2015 20:26
the case I found was specific to the EnableDiscoveryClient annotation
although the problem very well might be something with the spring boot context
i reached the deferred import portion of the context before I was a bit confused
Actually it’s prolly best to start in the spring boot room, i’ll bring it back if need be
thanks for the quick response
Spencer Gibb
Mar 20 2015 20:31
k, I hadn’t seen the project