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Jul 2015
Sergei Egorov
Jul 09 2015 12:03


Any plans to support beasts like Kubernetes as a service discovery registry?

I mean DiscoveryClient for Kubernetes
Ryan Baxter
Jul 09 2015 15:14
ah I figured it out, I needed to configure the maven preferenes in sts to point to the .settings.xml file in the repo
then all my errors went away
Spencer Gibb
Jul 09 2015 15:14
@ryanjbaxter nice.
@bsideup I haven’t looked at Kubernetes with that angle yet.
Ryan Baxter
Jul 09 2015 15:16
any objection to me updating the README with a sentence or 2 on what to do in STS?
Jul 09 2015 15:18
I request dave to please have ide related docs too as boot becomes pain in * if people dont get how to actualy boot.
As ryan said
Spencer Gibb
Jul 09 2015 15:19
@ryanjbaxter no, just make sure to edit docs/src/main/asciidoc/README.adoc, not the one in the root.
Actually, you probably want to edit something in spring-cloud-build that gets included in all spring-cloud projectes
Ryan Baxter
Jul 09 2015 16:34
Dave Syer
Jul 09 2015 16:44