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Sep 2015
Sergei Egorov
Sep 29 2015 08:07


Is it possible to "embed" Spring Cloud Config into Spring Boot app and get config directly from Git repo without additional deployed Config Server?

Tommy Ludwig
Sep 29 2015 08:46
@bsideup Did you see this part of the documentation?
In short, I believe the answer is: it is supported but not the generally suggested way to use Spring Cloud Config
Sergei Egorov
Sep 29 2015 08:49
@shakuzen I thought it will run whole Server, but I don't want my config to be exposed on http, I just want to use this part
Dave Syer
Sep 29 2015 08:50
Did you try it?
Sergei Egorov
Sep 29 2015 09:00
@dsyer will try, thanks!