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Oct 2015
Marius Bogoevici
Oct 06 2015 02:44
@theonlyguills you can use - it's a binder specifically designed for testing
Spencer Gibb
Oct 06 2015 03:46
Thanks @mbogoevici! Hope to see you when I'm in NYC later this month.
Marius Bogoevici
Oct 06 2015 04:50
sure, looking forward to it
Alain Sahli
Oct 06 2015 06:52
Hi! I know that I’m probably not in the correct chat room but I didn’t find a room for lattice. Is it possible to get images from private repositories hosted on Docker Hub with lattice? I configured docker with my docker hub login and with plain docker it works.
Dave Syer
Oct 06 2015 07:01
It doesn't support authenticated repositories at the minute AFAIK.
(But this is indeed the wrong room to find out anything about the roadmap)
Lattice doesn't use the docker daemon (or any of docker really) so setting it up there doesn't help
Alain Sahli
Oct 06 2015 07:15
Ok, thanks.