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Oct 2015
Włodzimierz Rożkow
Oct 27 2015 16:40 UTC
for those who using spring-cloud-starter-zuul:1.0.3.RELEASE - multipart uploads don't working for me, despite dances with zuul configurations
after upgrading to 1.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT everything is fine
hope Google will index this and next guy won't spent half of a day trying to figure out why such a basic functionality doesn't working
but instead of starting in 9 secs it now starts in 60 secs
John G
Oct 27 2015 17:39 UTC
@rozhok whoa... I already had to do something else because it was not working when I was pushing files to remote api's via zuul, but I thought i'm doing something wrong. Has it been documented somewhere? what was the problem.
Oct 27 2015 18:48 UTC
anybody know if the feign client supports marshalling XML, using objects that were generated from a schema using xjb and posting them to a webservice endpoint?
Włodzimierz Rożkow
Oct 27 2015 21:27 UTC
@jgolubenko didn't have time to figure out, just founded #197 and #553 and just tried to upgrade instead of digging or creating new issue. All of sudden, all became fine except of app start time