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Dec 2015
Pedro Vilaça
Dec 10 2015 10:40
@dsyer regarding the subject that you were discussing with @joaoduraes.. I Think that it cannot be something like the PathVariableParameterProcessorbecause that is implementing the AnnotatedParameterProcessorand according to Spring Data Rest, the Pageable argument doesn’t need to be annotated
even if you don’t use Spring Data Rest but if you want to register something like PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolverto do the trick, that won’t be annotated
Pedro Vilaça
Dec 10 2015 11:11
the doubt is… How can we use Feign clients, if we’ve some parameters like HttpRequest, HttpResponse, Pageable, that are resolved by a HandlerMethodArgumentResolver that is registered?
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@spencergibb I’m looking at the code and as it was written by you, probably you know the answer for my question.. could you please take a look?
Dominik Bartholdi
Dec 10 2015 16:43
@dsyer I'm a bit late, but many thanks for the answer!!!
Spencer Gibb
Dec 10 2015 17:24
@dwelch2344 you around?