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Dec 2015
Dec 30 2015 16:28
Hi All.. This is Pradeep from comcast.
Spencer/Dave one qq.. Eureka is not evicting or deregistering the dead instance, self preservation mode is enabled. and client is getting 404 .. I am trying to use below proeprty and it is not working with AngelSR4 , spring boot 1.2.7
enabled: true
Dave Syer
Dec 30 2015 16:41
How did the dead instance die?
Dec 30 2015 16:43
we shutdown the CF instacnes
all of them
and we are using eureka peering mode. it kep throwing 404 for exactly 5 minutes
Dec 30 2015 17:14
while typing this ..I am running the test and seeing same behavior, where shutdown instance is still showing in peer eureka and getting 404.
Dave Syer
Dec 30 2015 17:56
Who is getting a 404? From what resource?
CF can be brutal with shutdown
Especially if your app needs some time to shutdown
It can lead to stale caches in Eureka and they can be hard to shift
I believe the Spring Cloud Services in PCF have a manual "clear" button in the Eureka admin UI
Dec 30 2015 17:59
my client which is using ZUUL/Ribbon to communicate to microservices getting 404 . clietn is another spring apps. Apps shudown proeprly and I don't see clear button in eureka admin UI. it kept failing for 5 minutes, we made sure our apps are down properly.
Dave Syer
Dec 30 2015 18:03
Well, I'm not sure what your definition of "properly" is, but like I said, if the app doesn't shutdown cleanly it can't deregister.
Eureka will eventually evict it if it wasn't in self-preservation mode
If it was you might have to evict it manually. if you are using Spring Cloud Services, make sure it is the most recent release, and ask for help from your support team.
Dec 30 2015 18:16
we are using spring cloud services, self preservation mode is enabled. ok, I will check how to evict manually.
Thanks Dave.
Spencer Gibb
Dec 30 2015 19:12
You are NOT using Spring Cloud Services (the commercial offering). You are using open source.
Dec 30 2015 21:13
hmm, yes you are right , can you point to me any docs which shows difference between Spring Cloud Services (the commercial ) vs open source ?