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Dec 2015
Dec 31 2015 08:33

I use Spring Cloud Netflix service,
When I request url like
It's go from zuul --> my microservice
But when I call


It's like


HaLv it's my computer name
How can I get ''

Dave Syer
Dec 31 2015 08:35
Is there a load balancer?
Who is serving traffic at
Dec 31 2015 08:40
Yes, it's load balancer. My partner call by Rest API --> Nginx --> Zuul --> Product service

Here is my nginx config
upstream product_service{
server localhost:9004;

server {
listen 80;
server_name my_domain;

    location / {
        proxy_pass       http://product_service;
        proxy_set_header Host      $host;

I get Host header and still get HaLv
I think because of Nginx :)

Dave Syer
Dec 31 2015 09:01
You need at least to set the forwarded-* headers in the proxy
And then you need to configure the back end apps to use those headers
Look at the Spring Boot user guide for a section on proxies and load balancers
Dec 31 2015 10:44
Thank you so much :)