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Jan 2016
Jan 04 2016 22:29
@dsyer Sorry if this isn't the right channel. But I can't find any docs on spring-retry (like it isn't listed as a project here: Is it an official Spring project, or is it in some incubating state?
I found out about it by observing the ConfigServicePropertySourceLocator source
Jan 04 2016 22:34
Nevermind, I see it was spun out of Spring-Batch:
Dave Syer
Jan 04 2016 22:38
It's there in github. It's a utility project so it doesn't get full "status".
Feel free to raise issues in github
Jan 04 2016 22:39
May I ask a usage question here regarding it?
It has an ExponentialBackOffPolicy class, but I can't see how to leverage that via the @Retryable annotation
Or would that just be @Retryable(maxAttempts = 3, backoff = @Backoff(multiplier = 2))