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Jan 2016
Leon Radley
Jan 15 2016 13:54 UTC
I’m having troubles with spring boot 1.3.1, spring batch and eureka.
com.thoughtworks.xstream is giving me a java.lang.InstantiationException: java.util.Map$Entry
eureka has a dependency for version 1.4.2, but batch wants 1.4,7 but neither of them work
it fails when I try to get the jobInstance from a JobExplorer
Dave Syer
Jan 15 2016 14:20 UTC
I think for eureka it might be optional
Leon Radley
Jan 15 2016 14:23 UTC
Leon Radley
Jan 15 2016 14:46 UTC
It was jettison that was causing the error, eureka-client is pulling version 1.3.7 but batch wants version 1.2, if I downgrade to 1.2 the jobExplorer works again.
Dave Syer
Jan 15 2016 15:11 UTC
@spencergibb probably needs to comment on that
It's a shame Spring Batch has that mouldy dependency as well
Michael Minella
Jan 15 2016 15:37 UTC
I'd have to look back at my notes. I seem to remember that the upgrade from jettison 1.2.x to 1.3.x wasn't straight forward which is why it hasn't been done yet.
Alex Filatov
Jan 15 2016 20:40 UTC
Are there any known issues trying to deploy spring cloud eureka as war on tomcat 8?