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Jan 2016
Petar Tahchiev
Jan 27 2016 10:47
I just read the whole spring-cloud-task documentation and I'm still unclear how will one start these tasks in production? Sure in development I can run mvn spring-boot:run and the app will start, run the task, log the results in my datastore and stop, but in production I will need some sort of Trigger to start it?! Also what if it failed?? Is there a possibility like in spring-batch to restart the task manually? What if I want to run the task now, instead of waiting for the trigger to run it tonight? Will I be able to POST on some REST url some data to make it start?
Dave Syer
Jan 27 2016 10:53
I thinks that's the sort of service that spring-cloud-dataflow provides
You need a "substrate" to automate all those things
spring-cloud-task only provides the metadata service (in 1.0.0.M1 anyway)
spring-cloud-dataflow has admin plugins for Cloud Foundry, mesos, Yarn, etc
Those are the sorts of platform where it makes sense