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Mar 2016
Fairuz Wan Ismail
Mar 10 2016 03:57
I'm starting to get these errors in my microservices running inside docker containers. was unable to send heartbeat!. Is there any specific version of Spring Cloud I need to use with Spring Boot 1.3.1 or 1.3.2? Thanks
I always use Brixton.BUILD-SNAPSHOT before this and it works just fine. But for the last couple of days, when redeploying my container I start seeing the error. What weird is, it registers with Eureka just fine.
Mar 10 2016 04:07
@spencergibb : is this feature available or any eta ? spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#250
Spencer Gibb
Mar 10 2016 04:55
@wmfairuz Brixton is right, do you have a sample that recreates the problem?
@pradeepsingh1234 no ETA.
Fairuz Wan Ismail
Mar 10 2016 05:01
@spencergibb let me try to create a small reproducible sample.
Fairuz Wan Ismail
Mar 10 2016 09:27
is there any equivalent of but for IPs? I want to ignore IPs starting from 172...*
Dave Syer
Mar 10 2016 10:48
Nope. Seems like a reasonable idea (and there's an issue in github already). Nobody implemented it yet.