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Mar 2016
Jose Armesto
Mar 14 2016 09:53
Hi! I’m trying Spring Cloud Consul with overlay Docker networks, and I face a problem because my Consul doesn’t have access to the containers running on my cluster, since they are being advertised with ip’s like 10.x.x.x, so Consul always thinks that they are down. I guess it’d fixed if spring cloud clients would advertise themselves using the host IP, but I’m not sure if that’s possible. How do you guys approach this?
Spencer Gibb
Mar 14 2016 16:23
I believe it would involve setting and setting SPRING_CLOUD_CONSUL_DISCOVERY_IP_ADDRESS to the correct ip when you start the container. @marcingrzejszczak may have a better idea.
Marcin Grzejszczak
Mar 14 2016 16:26
:+1: I think that's the only way
I remember that there was some discussion going on in Docker if that proper IP address shouldn't be an env variable
I don't know however if they implemented that
Stevo Slavić
Mar 14 2016 16:45
I'm having problems monitoring zuul spring cloud app
hystrix ribbon commands to downstream service from time to time timeout
request gets sent to downstream service too late, just before timeout time
was suspecting there is some queue of requests, but at least it does not seem to be on hystrix command
semaphore max concurrent requests is at default, 100
while semaphore permits in use is low, less than 5 in total across all downstream services
what could be the cause, why are there too little concurrent requests sent to downstream services?
app runs on tomcat
Mar 14 2016 20:59
@spencergibb : I am having strange issue .. I am trying to use spring boot 1.3.3 or 1.2.8 and seeing mongo DB jars are getting downloaded. though I am not specifying that I need mongodb jars.
here is my gradle file.
compile ("org.springframework.retry:spring-retry:1.1.2.RELEASE")
compile ("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-aop")
I tried to exclude it using compile("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-data-mongodb") {
exclude group: 'org.mongodb', module: 'mongo-java-driver'
compile("") {
exclude group: 'org.mongodb', module: 'mongo-java-driver'
still no luck mongodb 2.13.3 jars is getting included in my project
just want to know why this jars is coming as dependency.. when I am not specifying it in gradle
aah ignore please I think this is spring boot related question.. not cloud. Thansk
Marcos Barbero
Mar 14 2016 21:19
Hi guys, I’m playing spring cloud config server and spring cloud bus and sometimes my configserver doesn’t update the local copy of my git repository. Is that a known issue?
I’m using Angel.SR6 version.
Spencer Gibb
Mar 14 2016 21:35
@marcosbarbero not that I know of.