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Mar 2016
Marcos Barbero
Mar 20 2016 00:33
SpringOne 2GX @dsyer
Spencer Gibb
Mar 20 2016 00:46
Marcos Barbero
Mar 20 2016 00:47
@spencergibb that's my doubt. It's the same thing? Because tha name looks different hehehe
Fabian Wallwitz
Mar 20 2016 10:19
@spencergibb regarding your blog you have an idea how i could easily let the push invaludate cache on SpringTemplateEngine "clearTemplateCacheFor() " on the which are retrieved from local git repo managed by spring cloud config ?
it would make necesarry to get paths of files changed from the monitor
i could of course thow away the complete cache of SpringTemplateEngine .. but that isn't wished in case if have a "big" template Engine cache..
Fabian Wallwitz
Mar 20 2016 10:25
besides: does the monitor validate hmac of github, else push's could be triggered by anyone..
ow ..juts saw this comment in ur code : // Gitlab doesn't tell us the files that changed so this is a broadcast to
// all apps ;(
accorpding to githuv Push Event doc ..that is wrong (commits[][url] url Points to the commit API resource.)
Fabian Wallwitz
Mar 20 2016 10:42
ok, the last comment was wrong .. its implemented. I still try to figure out how i can register for the callback of (any) configuration push event change which is triggered via the /monitor endpoint..
David Welch
Mar 20 2016 20:33
Hmm @spencergibb: I've got 10 containers running the same spring cloud app, spread across 2 docker hosts, registering with consul. but only the first one to connect shows up in the consul admin.. all seem to be working great. any ideas why?
Does each need it's own app name?