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Mar 2016
Fabian Wallwitz
Mar 26 2016 18:01
spring-cloud-starter-bus-redis-1.1.0.RC1 - The managed version is 1.1.0.RC1 The artifact is managed in -- can find it in
can't find it there ..
on .. i also cant find such versioned released
Mar 26 2016 18:05
@PedroAlvarado what's the point in startng new context for every test
Fabian Wallwitz
Mar 26 2016 18:12
i see tag but can't find it in the repo..
David Welch
Mar 26 2016 20:01
Question on Spring Cloud Zuul's SendResponseFilter: If I need to translate a header from our microservice's response to a cookie on the zuul's response; problem is, if I try to do it before SendResponseFilter there's no headers on our MS' side of things, but if I do it after that filter the response is already set and nothing happens. Any ideas why?
/cc @spencergibb (since your listed as author)
David Welch
Mar 26 2016 20:13
Arrrg nvm. I'm an idiot. I was looking at the servlet response for the header instead of the context.getZuulResponseHeaders() call :worried:
Pedro Alvarado
Mar 26 2016 21:29
@rajjaiswalsaumya There is no point in starting a new context for every test as it is a rather expensive operation. Nonetheless, it is not unusual to have a few different profiles for different sets of tests and in such event it is possible that you may be starting a servlet container multiple times leading to issues around attempting to bind to a port that is already in use. Let me know if this makes sense to you.
Dave Syer
Mar 26 2016 22:21
@cforce there is no redis starter in 1.1.0.RC1
@PedroAlvarado that makes sense. But it also seems that you agree that probably you only need (at most) a few servers, not one per test.