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Apr 2016
Alexandre Thenorio
Apr 07 2016 16:42
What can one expect, roughly, in terms of timing of release of the final version of Brixton now that RC1 is out. Wondering if something like 2 months or 2 years
Spencer Gibb
Apr 07 2016 16:51
@ByteFlinger RC2 hopefully this week with GA to follow a few weeks later.
Alexandre Thenorio
Apr 07 2016 16:51
That sounds awesome
@spencergibb Thank you
David Welch
Apr 07 2016 19:56
hey @spencergibb, how were you listening for Consul to update the KV store? Like, I see the lib doing it, but if I wanted my app to also respond to a change like that? Just ContextRefreshedEvent?
We publish a RefreshEvent
@dwelch2344 :arrow_up: