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Apr 2016
Spencer Gibb
Apr 13 2016 00:14
@theonlyguills no, there's code in Spring Cloud Commons that enables ribbon.
Guillaume Larose
Apr 13 2016 00:16
Ok I'll take a look thanks
Johannes Edmeier
Apr 13 2016 20:30
The Brixton.BUILD-SNAPSHOT doesn't work with the Spring Boot 1.4.0.M2 at all due to a NoSuchMethodError on o.s.b.a.e.InfoEndpoint.invoke()Ljava/util/Map. Will there be a short-term update to Brixton after the Spring Boot 1.4 release (at least to fight the biggest issues)? Or are you planning a similiar roadmap as it is for Brixton with Spring Boot 1.3?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 13 2016 20:35
We plan on supporting boot 1.4 with Brixton
@joshiste :arrow_up:
David Welch
Apr 13 2016 21:26
Is there a way to encrypt properties stored in the consul yaml @spencergibb?