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Apr 2016
Jose Armesto
Apr 21 2016 06:14
@bla204 do you have a repository with this? I’m doing a really similar test here
haven’t tried HA consul yet, just running a consul container in the swarm cluster, and apps use that consul to discover each other
I’d love to share experiences on this
Kharkovskyi Oleksandr
Apr 21 2016 17:37

Hi all! I have an issue with consul health checks when my jar apps and consul are running in docker.
Apps on start are connecting to consul, but they send their docker address instead of ip and consul can't reach their health check endpoints.

This is screenshot of what's happening

Kharkovskyi Oleksandr
Apr 21 2016 18:08

the only solution I found so far was setting:

Spencer Gibb
Apr 21 2016 21:21
@okharkovskyi that’s a great solution. Spring Cloud doesn’t know about docker, so that works.