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May 2016
Dave Syer
May 17 2016 05:47
What's "the initial load"?
May 17 2016 05:48
when the context is loaded during the boot of the application
and I would assume anytime the context is refreshed
just making sure I understand how it works
Dave Syer
May 17 2016 05:49
Yes, I believe so
@rubesMN config server shouldn't be a problem. There shouldn't be with eureka either but there's an issue in github where apparently there might be.
May 17 2016 05:51
ok, cool. thanks for the clarification.
Włodzimierz Rożkow
May 17 2016 13:21
hey guys, not sure this is right room for asking question, but i'll try:
We have a lot of services running on AWS, and using Eureka for service discovery and Zuul as edge server.
We want to to zero-downtime deployment, failover and scaling so all customer requests which Zuul will forward into downstream services will be processed.
We shut down first server. Shutdown was not performed gracefully and Eureka still thinks that instance is alive because instance was not deregister himself.
Client makes request, Eureka returns ghost instance, request obviously fails.
Is there any way to do some re-try/health check/etc. to avoid requests losts?