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May 2016
May 24 2016 04:11
i push Plain Text to git, i can use curl -O get Plain Text from server, could i get Plain Text from spring-cloud-config's client?
May 24 2016 04:26
if i want to use plain text in spring-cloud-config's client, how could i do ?
Dave Syer
May 24 2016 05:27
With a RestTemplate maybe? What makes it difficult?
May 24 2016 05:30
client very time to get plain text from server?
can client get plain text from server when startup?
i get the plain text by myself , not like key/value way when client startup load to memory?
May 24 2016 05:36
if only do it by myself, i know how to do it, thanks
May 24 2016 07:20
@dsyer curl -u user:password -d 'letmein' has error:{"timestamp":1464074513477,"status":403,"error":"Forbidden","message":"Expected CSRF token not found. Has your session expired?","path":"/encrypt"
but curl -u user:password is ok
how can i set CSRF token?
Dave Syer
May 24 2016 07:29
It's probably not appropriate to have csrf protection if you are using HTTP Basic from a machine client.
It's on by default I think in the Spring Boot autoconfiguration. There's a flag to switch it off.
Or you can configure your own security.
Włodzimierz Rożkow
May 24 2016 15:34
By the way, I've configured zero-downtime deployment and ribbon timeouts and retries works properly.
@jkubrynski it should be deregistered automatically if you shut down app gracefully. If not, read Eureka API guide, it's just one DELETE call.
May 24 2016 16:33
Hi @dsyer I made some microservices using spring cloud + netflix OSS, and now I face a problem, how to deploy them to the staging servers (openstack VMs), is there any start points or tutorials? thank you
Guillaume Larose
May 24 2016 17:23
Is there an easy way to use the Validated User-ID feature of RabbitMQ with spring cloud stream? I need consumers to reliably know who's publishing events
Marcin Grzejszczak
May 24 2016 19:53
@litzuhsien you are asking about Cloud foundry tutorials?
Jakub Kubryński
May 24 2016 19:54
@rozhok yep - it works. The problem was in eureka server caching. However now I have new question -> is it possible to change application status programatically? For example to put "maintenance"?
David Welch
May 24 2016 20:50
So, we're having problems getting a SC service to live-reload the resources folder
seem like everytime we make the project (via IntelliJ) all our services wig out
and start spitting out errors related to scheduling tasks (guessing Hystrix / Ribbon based)
I'm thinking it has something to do with the Executor being RefreshScoped and not being reloaded properly. Anyone else seen anything like that?
Dave Syer
May 24 2016 20:58
Nope. Are you using devtools?
I don't think that works with Ribbon