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Jun 2016
Dave Syer
Jun 10 2016 05:26
Leon Radley
Jun 10 2016 13:44

@spencergibb I was having the a problem with utf-8 chars beeing encoded wrong, I saw that this should be fixed in spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#1071, which was merged 7 days ago. and since then you released 1.1.2
But if I download that jar from, the fixes aren’t in there

Did 1071 make it into 1.1.2.RELEASE?

Ryan Gardner
Jun 10 2016 14:41
I was looking at using spring-cloud-aws to work with an Elasticache Redis cluster - I was hoping to get at an underlying RedisTemplate (namely a SpringRedisTemplate) - but it looks like the spring-cloud-aws elasticache stuff is primarily focused on bridging support for Spring’s cache abstraction?
After some poking around I couldn’t seem to find a way to get at a StringRedisTemplate that would be configured automatically for me - it seems like just configuring the spring-data-redis for my redis elasticache is probably (at least as of now) the easiest way to get to a redis template I can do operations like LPush LTrim etc on?
Fabian Wallwitz
Jun 10 2016 19:22
Is there a room for spring -cloud-data-flow?
Tried to compile it and failed ad > spring-cloud-dataflow-shell ........................ FAILURE [ 34.655 s] ..Tests in error:
StreamCommandTests.testStreamLifecycleForTickTock:36 » IllegalArgument Failure...
I would no ignore test .. but aksing if there is build break
Spencer Gibb
Jun 10 2016 19:38
how are you building? Using the maven wrapper is preferred. ./mvnw clean install I just built it fine.
Fabian Wallwitz
Jun 10 2016 19:48
well its th
is test failing .. however ignorefailed test it went through
NOne of the apps is spring boot app is thta why not appearing in the sts spring boot dashbaord?
Spencer Gibb
Jun 10 2016 19:51
I have no failing tests. How are you building it?
Fabian Wallwitz
Jun 10 2016 19:55
inside sts with mvn clean package or clean install and profile spring (i got dep issues without)
run on parent
Spencer Gibb
Jun 10 2016 19:56
the official builds come from the cmd line...
Fabian Wallwitz
Jun 10 2016 20:05
does the mvnw alos work behind a ntlm proxy ?
Fabian Wallwitz
Jun 10 2016 22:25
The dataflow local server has started sucessfully, the shell app also..
but .. typing help on the prompt and return -- nothing happens.
Unknown Version
Welcome to the Spring Cloud Data Flow shell. For assistance hit TAB or type "help".