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Jul 2016
Fabian Wallwitz
Jul 04 2016 16:10
(where) Can i get the single property from spring cloud config rest API?
Dave Syer
Jul 04 2016 16:11
What's a "single property"?
Fabian Wallwitz
Jul 04 2016 16:13
somethinh like "curl localhost:8888/foo/development?property="mykey"
Dave Syer
Jul 04 2016 16:14
No, you can't.
Spencer Gibb
Jul 04 2016 16:16
Asking for we'll be mu
Will be much easier to parse and get a single value (or json or yaml)
Dave Syer
Jul 04 2016 16:17
curl localhost:8888/foo-development.json | jq .mykey
curl localhost:8888/ | grep ^mykey:
Włodzimierz Rożkow
Jul 04 2016 16:35
sup guys. today I spent a lot of time on fighting with zuul retrys and nailed it,
but now I'm struggling to do the same on Ribbon-aware Feign clients
what I need: retry on next server = 2
tried different options with no luck
didn't debug yet
public Retryer retryer() {
    return new Retryer.Default();
Włodzimierz Rożkow
Jul 04 2016 16:40
  ConnectTimeout: 3000
  ReadTimeout: 60000
  MaxAutoRetries: 0
  MaxAutoRetriesNextServer: 2
  OkToRetryOnAllOperations: true
Marcos Barbero
Jul 04 2016 16:47
@rozhok have you tried this property?
zuul.retryable: true
Włodzimierz Rożkow
Jul 04 2016 16:47
I'm not using Zuul
it's just plain FeignClients talking to services
Marcos Barbero
Jul 04 2016 16:49
I see… your ribbon configuration didn’t work?
Włodzimierz Rożkow
Jul 04 2016 16:51
maybe it's working, but I receive excpetions when shutting down one of the instance
so I believe it's not :)
i'm getting
Caused by: feign.RetryableException: connect timed out executing GET http://SERVICE/api/users/123
    at feign.FeignException.errorExecuting(
    at feign.SynchronousMethodHandler.executeAndDecode(
    at feign.SynchronousMethodHandler.invoke(
    at feign.ReflectiveFeign$FeignInvocationHandler.invoke(
    at co.companyname.Users.$Proxy122.getUser(Unknown Source)
    at     ... 122 common frames omitted
Caused by: connect timed out
    at Method)