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Aug 2016
Josh Fix
Aug 04 2016 01:47 UTC
Good to know... I have mine set to "none"
Thibaud Lepretre
Aug 04 2016 09:05 UTC
What is the best way to avoid following error Load balancer does not have available server for client: XXXX on Zuul server for development env (performance is really not an issue here)?
Aug 04 2016 10:12 UTC

@dsyer I recent update from spring cloud netflix 1.0.7 to 1.1.2
Seem in version 1.1.2, zuul remove my basic authentication in my request
I have a request a pageservice in port 8085
If I call directly


It works fine
But if I call through by Zuul


I've got message

    "timestamp": "2016-08-04T10:11:02Z",
    "status": 401,
    "error": "Unauthorized",
    "message": "No message available"

Everything works fine in 1.0.7, but in 1.1.2, I think Zuul remove my basic authentication

Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 11:39 UTC
Look at the user guide and search for "sensitive headers". You have to whitelist them.
Aug 04 2016 12:49 UTC
I'm having some issues with the config-server
it seems that when i use the yaml or properties formats
it flattens the config top down instead of bottom up
using 1.1.2.RELEASE
Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 12:57 UTC
The ordering is quite explicit, and we assert the results in tests I believe.
Doesn't mean it's not wrong
But you might have to say in a bit more detail what the issue is
Aug 04 2016 13:00 UTC
the / has a server.port=0 and the /application_name/ has it as server.port=${PORT:8080}
if i hit the configserver/ it has server.port: "0"
i was expecting to get ${PORT:8080}
Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 13:06 UTC
I guess that depends on the search path you use
Aug 04 2016 13:29 UTC
when i hit the configserver/application_name/agt i get both and the app using the config client picks up the ${PORT:8080}
Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 13:44 UTC
That does sounds upside down then
Aug 04 2016 14:01 UTC

@dsyer I set "sensitive header"

  sensitiveHeaders: ''

It's fine if request is

http://localhost:8765/pages  (1)
  Authorization: Basic {key}

But if request is

http://user:password@localhost:8765/pages  (2)

I've got message 401
Should I create a Zuul filter to convert from (2) --> (1) ?

Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 14:02 UTC
The "inline" credentials shouldn't be in the incoming request like that
It's just a convention for clients
Aug 04 2016 14:07 UTC
:smile: I try to learn from private API of shopify
Ok thank you so much :+1:
Aug 04 2016 14:09 UTC
Are there any ways to query eureka for matches based on a value in the metadata? Outside of just looping through all registered apps looking for a match?
Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 14:11 UTC
Nope. It's the client's responsibility to do filtering. Ribbon has a rich set of APIs for that.
Fabian Wallwitz
Aug 04 2016 14:29 UTC
does someone know how i can depend on an anotation parameter to decide if i override a default value of an "inherited" anotation?
i know that java introduced such feature lately .. but can't find any doc for these...
i think it cloud be sucedded by @AliasFor
Aug 04 2016 15:08 UTC
@dsyer : my problem is that if i use the config client library i'm getting the expected ${PORT:8080} value, but when i'm using the .properties or .yaml link than i'm getting 0, which for me seems inconsistent i hoped to be able to wget the properties file for those apps where adding the config client libraries is not an option at this time
Dave Syer
Aug 04 2016 15:28 UTC
I'd hope that would work too
So either the tests are wrong or missing
Josh Fix
Aug 04 2016 19:08 UTC
@dsyer @spencergibb great sessions this week at SpringOne. I really appreciate everything you guys do for the community!
And I apologize if there are others I missed
Spencer Gibb
Aug 04 2016 19:09 UTC
:-) they will all be online at somepoint.
Josh Fix
Aug 04 2016 19:15 UTC
One thing I'm having difficulty understanding after all the cloud foundry sessions and spring cloud sessions is how much of the spring cloud components (zuul, discovery, config, etc) can actually be used or are needed in a PCF deployment and how to manage and maintain services that need to be able to be deployed either directly to AWS for one customer or to PCF for other other customers.
Aug 04 2016 19:49 UTC
Is it legal to have more than one @EnableFeignClients declared in a project? Like on across multiple @Configuration classes?
Once I add more than one I start getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A ServletContext is required to configure default servlet handling
I have a gradle multi-project setup. Various sub-projects have their own @Configuration classes that have separate @EnableFeignClients declarations for client interfaces they provide