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Sep 2016
Sep 03 2016 09:08
Do you have to do anything special to run spring-cloud-starter-stream-rabbit and spring-cloud-bus-amqp on the same apps?
Daniel Lavoie
Sep 03 2016 09:30
Hello Guys ! I was wondering if there is anything in the pipe for Spring Cloud related to the hot and shiny reactive web extension from Spring Boot 1.4. I assume we can build up reactive Http servers without problem but I am concerned about clients. Obviously, Feign and Ribbon are not built with this in mind. I think we can build on the discovery client layer to provide a Reactive HTTP Client like Reactor Netty. A simple reactive RestTemplate-like would be a start. A declarative client inspired by Feign would be another step.
Daniel Lavoie
Sep 03 2016 11:36
Hummm, I am too far ahead :P reactive web starter is not part of boot 1.4, It's just an experimental starter from Mister Clozel. Better wait for proper support with Boot support for Spring 5.