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Sep 2016
Spencer Gibb
Sep 13 2016 00:07 UTC
You have to create one and use the annotation mentioned now.
Josh Long
Sep 13 2016 04:23 UTC
hi! :D i'm talking to some folks who say thhat when a context is refreshed, the @RefreshScope s applied to the creation of the CloudEurekaClient and it loses all the cached routes and statistics. is ther e away to make this less all-or-nothing
Dave Syer
Sep 13 2016 06:11 UTC
You could probably create your own instance of the client
The reason it's in refresh scope by default is to pick up changes in its own configuration (which might not be all that important for some people)
David Steiman
Sep 13 2016 10:05 UTC
I am currently looking how to setup eureka server in a quite aggressive mode, where the shutdown of services is recognized as early as production server runs spring cloud application in docker containers, which when killed, keep deadly hanging in eureka for about 2 minutens approx.
i was trying to switch preservation mode, renewal timeout and evict intervall, but not noticed some greater changes\
what is the propper way of configuring it in a aggressive mode?
eureka.server.evictionIntervalTimerInMs has worked for some
but eureka favors availability over consistency. You may look at consul if you need consistency.
Sep 13 2016 20:29 UTC
Seeing at barf on deserializing a interface. Where can I register the type converter for spring cloud stream? I already have a custom jackson SimpleModule @Bean in the context, but that apparently is not being consulted
this is for a @StreamListener responding to a message payload w/ application/json
Sep 13 2016 21:36 UTC
This message was deleted

So i did this

    public List<AbstractFromMessageConverter> customMessageConverters() {

        ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
        SimpleModule module = new SimpleModule();
        module.setAbstractTypes(new SimpleAbstractTypeResolver().addMapping(MyInterface.class, MyImpl.class));

        ArrayList<AbstractFromMessageConverter> mine = new ArrayList<AbstractFromMessageConverter>();
        mine.add(new MyConverter(mapper));
        return mine;

Which is great, as I can see in the debugger that these converters are registered in the CompositeMessageConverterFactory

Problem is, that JsonToPojoMessageConverter is still used and I can't get around this exception (it never has a chance to get to my converter)

com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Can not construct instance of MyInterface.class

I have no idea how to get that ObjectMapper that JsonToPojoMessageConverter to be mine, or if that is even what I need to do

Sep 13 2016 22:12 UTC
Ok, got it working, but not sure if this is still the recommended way.