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Sep 2016
Dennis Melzer
Sep 16 2016 07:45 UTC
@spencergibb Do you think it is possible to create a release or a RC2 for spring-cloud-bus?
Amin Abu-Taleb
Sep 16 2016 08:24 UTC
@spencergibb I just tried it but didn't work :(
Amin Abu-Taleb
Sep 16 2016 08:52 UTC
@spencergibb I made it work after setting turbine.instanceInsertPort=false. Dunno if that's the best way but it did the trick
Mat DeLong
Sep 16 2016 09:39 UTC
I solved my problem from yesterday @spencergibb and @ryanjbaxter. I was using the wrong profile, and the one I was using had failfast enabled when it couldn't reach the config server... so it was just a bad test environment... my fallback worked once I changed profiles.
Spencer Gibb
Sep 16 2016 14:21 UTC
@SirWayne likely next week
Dennis Melzer
Sep 16 2016 15:54 UTC
@spencergibb That will be great thanks
David Welch
Sep 16 2016 17:55 UTC
@spencergibb: noticed something interesting last night that I wanted to bounce off you before opening an issue. You can't have two @FeignClients that share the same name and have fallbacks

Our scenario is we have a "products" service, that manages templates for ecommerce products. But it also has the concept of a "catalog". To keep the interfaces not quite so burly, we have 2 different feign clients. Both work fine, until you introduce the fallbacks. Digging through the guts, it looks like the Registrar creates a map via the specified name, so only 1 of the clients will have it's configs analyzed an instantiated.

But when the FeignClientFactoryBean.HystrixTargeter tries to fetch the fallbackInstance, it can't find it for the entry that got overridden in the map. We tried using a different name and specifying the URL, but that prevents the load balancer / discovery from being picked up :(

Dave Syer
Sep 16 2016 18:03 UTC
You can't have 2 feign clients with the same name, period
@ryanjbaxter was working on extending that
Can't remember if it's in 1.2 or not
Spencer Gibb
Sep 16 2016 18:40 UTC
It did not spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#1211
@dsyer @dwelch2344 :arrow_up:
and I don’t see how it can without a major rewrite