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Sep 2016
Sep 18 2016 02:58
Please ignore above.
@dsyer , @spencergibb one qq : -@pradeepkusingh
@dsyer - we are using spring boot+ cloud - ZUUL+ Eureka.. seeing lot of 502 bad gateway errors.
and unable to find any reason for above error
servers are healthy and eureka should take care of healthy vs non-healthy instances..
still we are seeing large number of errors
and need some kind of guidence how to proceed ?
Josh Long
Sep 18 2016 05:44
@ccit-spence you can use Feign with SDR easily: just return Spring HATEOAS Resouce(s)<T> from your feign methods.
err, Resource(s)
@pradeepkusingh there's a heartbeat that takes some time (i think it's 30 seconds by default) for clients to be made aware of updates in the Eureka registry. have you waited maybe a minute to confirm the client still doesn't see the updated server list?
Josh Long
Sep 18 2016 05:49
@vbalaut try setting = true ?
Sep 18 2016 06:26
@joshlong I will give it a shot, trying to determine the best architectural approach
I have done very little with Feign. Testing the waters
Sep 18 2016 06:56
@joshlong I will retest, Thanks.