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Sep 2016
Sep 26 2016 08:57
someone write eureka php client?
Stian Lågstad
Sep 26 2016 13:41
Hi. I have a question about catching HystrixRunTimeExceptions: Currently I catch HystrixRunTimeException's at all places where I use a feign client, so that I can react to timeouts for example. Is there a way I can avoid duplicating that logic, i.e. write catch(HystrixRuntimeException e) once and have it count for all my feign client methods?
For example: I catch HystrixRuntimeException and check whether or not it's caused by a timeout. In that case I always throw MyAppException(errorcode, "External service servicename unavailable"). I do this same thing in 5-6 different places. It seems to me that I should extract it somehow
Sep 26 2016 20:58
What is new in camden ?
do we have any docs which can tell us ?
Sep 26 2016 20:59
Thanks you