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Oct 2016
Stian Lågstad
Oct 17 2016 15:12
When I set hystrix.threadpool.default.coreSize, are the threads I allocate taken from the spring boot threads? Which is 200 by default as I understand from
Dave Syer
Oct 17 2016 15:33
That's tomcat threads
and no, they are not connected.
Hystrix has its own thread pools
Sharif Ghazzawi
Oct 17 2016 20:59
@rwinch @spencergibb @joshlong are there best practices, guidance or literature on how to deal w/ the following case/scenario: A user initiates an action which causes a message (along w/ that users security info) to be placed on a queue(e.g. rabbitMQ). The users token expires before the message is pulled off of the queue and processed. Subsequent operations/Feign calls/etc.. fail due to the expired token (potentially leaving the system in an inconsistent state).