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Oct 2016
Johannes Edmeier
Oct 28 2016 04:16
@spencergibb currently it's not easily possible to compose multiple RouteLocators for Zuul. Even the DiscoveryClientRouteLocator inherits from the SimpleRouteLocator for the static routes. Would you accept a PR for Dalston that would align this to the favor composition over inheritance principle?
Spencer Gibb
Oct 28 2016 14:36
Karthikeyan Palanivelu
Oct 28 2016 17:02
Hi All, Can anyone help me understand that can the Pre-Built Stream Cloud App Starters work with AggregateApplicationBuilder without Binder? I tried a sample and is not working without binder. Same code works with Binder. I am finding documentation only with Binder. Please correct me if I am wrong. Any help is appreciated.