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Nov 2016
Fabian Wallwitz
Nov 15 2016 11:59
i recognize that @Value anotated member variabkles are set if a refresh event is trgge
as i have currently @Postconstruct that does things based on that data, that should be done also on a cfg base chnanfre (cfg refresh event), the question is how i can intercept that.. because the @Postconstruct is only called on time at app start ..
..but i need that to be called on any update at the @Value anotated members in my class
Dave Syer
Nov 15 2016 12:27
@Value is not refreshed
You would need to use @RefreshScope
at which point the @PostConstruct would also be called
(the first time a method is called)
Fabian Wallwitz
Nov 15 2016 12:44
but it happens
Fabian Wallwitz
Nov 15 2016 13:22
ich you check my stacktrace, you can see that referesh is triggered .. i i have NO @RerfreshScope at the @Value member
   ServiceModelTcu.setTcu(String) line: 74    
GeneratedMethodAccessor340.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not available    
DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not available    
Method.invoke(Object, Object...) line: not available    
BeanWrapperImpl$BeanPropertyHandler.setValue(Object, Object) line: 345    
BeanWrapperImpl(AbstractNestablePropertyAccessor).setPropertyValue(AbstractNestablePropertyAccessor$PropertyTokenHolder, PropertyValue) line: 454    
RelaxedDataBinder$RelaxedBeanWrapper(AbstractNestablePropertyAccessor).setPropertyValue(PropertyValue) line: 280    
RelaxedDataBinder$RelaxedBeanWrapper.setPropertyValue(PropertyValue) line: 700    
RelaxedDataBinder$RelaxedBeanWrapper(AbstractPropertyAccessor).setPropertyValues(PropertyValues, boolean, boolean) line: 95    
RelaxedDataBinder(DataBinder).applyPropertyValues(MutablePropertyValues) line: 834    
RelaxedDataBinder(DataBinder).doBind(MutablePropertyValues) line: 730    
RelaxedDataBinder.doBind(MutablePropertyValues) line: 128    
RelaxedDataBinder(DataBinder).bind(PropertyValues) line: 715    
PropertiesConfigurationFactory<T>.doBindPropertiesToTarget() line: 270    
PropertiesConfigurationFactory<T>.bindPropertiesToTarget() line: 241    
ConfigurationPropertiesBindingPostProcessor.postProcessBeforeInitialization(Object, String, ConfigurationProperties) line: 334    
ConfigurationPropertiesBindingPostProcessor.postProcessBeforeInitialization(Object, String) line: 289    
ConfigurationPropertiesRebinder.rebind(String) line: 100    
ConfigurationPropertiesRebinder.rebind() line: 88    
ConfigurationPropertiesRebinder.onApplicationEvent(EnvironmentChangeEvent) line: 120    
ConfigurationPropertiesRebinder.onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent) line: 49    
SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster.invokeListener(ApplicationListener, ApplicationEvent) line: 166    
SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster.multicastEvent(ApplicationEvent, ResolvableType) line: 138    
AnnotationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext(AbstractApplicationContext).publishEvent(Object, ResolvableType) line: 381    
AnnotationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext(AbstractApplicationContext).publishEvent(ApplicationEvent) line: 335    
ConfigurationPropertiesRebinderAutoConfiguration$$EnhancerBySpringCGLIB$$a92f3cf3(ConfigurationPropertiesRebinderAutoConfiguration).afterSingletonsInstantiated() line: 79    
DefaultListableBeanFactory.preInstantiateSingletons() line: 798    
AnnotationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext(AbstractApplicationContext).finishBeanFactoryInitialization(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory) line: 839    
AnnotationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext(AbstractApplicationContext).refresh() line: 538    
AnnotationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext(EmbeddedWebApplicationContext).refresh() line: 118    
SpringApplication.refresh(ApplicationContext) line: 760    
SpringApplication.createAndRefreshContext(SpringApplicationRunListeners, ApplicationArguments) line: 360 line: 306[], String...) line: 65, String...) line: 35    
MetaInfoServiceApplication.main(String[]) line: 20    
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Method, Object, Object[]) line: not available [native method]    
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not available    
DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not available    
Method.invoke(Object, Object...) line: not available line: 49    
i put the @PostConconstruct into the same method as the @Configuration Class .. so the refresh hopefully also triggers this @PostConconstruct .. anyway its still questionable why the refresh is called after the app start
Nov 15 2016 17:44
@spencergibb Thanks
Robert Van Voorhees
Nov 15 2016 20:19
Hmm, getting an error message of No .git directory at file://opt/config except ls -la inside /opt/config reveals: -rw-r--r-- 1 1000 1000 51 Nov 15 15:18 .git -- anyone know if the .git directory needs to be not just readable, but also writable?
(This is when running the Config Server inside of a Docker Container and sharing the git repository through volumes: in a docker-compose file.)
Dave Syer
Nov 15 2016 20:33
I'd guess it needs to be writable. Otherwise how could you do a checkout/fetch?
Robert Van Voorhees
Nov 15 2016 20:39
Yeah, I tried it again without the ro, still having issues.
Even without the ro the fact it's not resolving the user id might be causing some hiccups.
Robert Van Voorhees
Nov 15 2016 20:51
Semi-related question, where does the config server checkout the remote git repository?
Marcin Grzejszczak
Nov 15 2016 21:00
To tmp AFAIR
Nov 15 2016 22:13
@dsyer @spencergibb how to redirect using Zuul filter ?
Nov 15 2016 22:21
my requirement is to redirect one URL ..