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Nov 2016
Florian Garcia
Nov 18 2016 16:53 UTC
@dsyer Concerning the timeout issue I think it is because of Zuul. I tried with feign and ribbon only everything is fine
Do I have to create a ticket on Spring cloud config or Spring cloud netflix ?
Dave Syer
Nov 18 2016 18:32 UTC
Zuul is Netflix
Nov 18 2016 20:38 UTC
Hi.. i have Config repo in git which contains yml files of environments, dev,QA, prod etc..I am updating all yml with same property in one go while deploying to dev itself...How can i use my QA still using old yml and start using latest yml file once the source code is deployed?
what should be the order of cloud config label for each region (dev,QA,prod)?
Nov 18 2016 22:26 UTC
hi guys, is there any way to tell spring boot/cloud app to use a local hostname when registering with consul?
on linux, would be the one returned by "hostname" command
Nov 18 2016 23:00 UTC
i'm currently using to make sure the right interface is used, but on our environments hostname is always resolvable, so that would be more straightforward