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Nov 2016
Nov 23 2016 08:43

Good morning (in Belgium :smile: )
We are using Spring Cloud Netflix with Feign. One client needs to decode xml, all the others json (the default).

public class NieuwsClientConfiguration {

public Decoder jaxbDecoder() {
    return new JAXBDecoder(jaxbContextFactory());

public JAXBContextFactory jaxbContextFactory() {
    return new JAXBContextFactory.Builder().build();


@FeignClient(name = "nieuws", configuration = NieuwsClientConfiguration.class, url = "${news.job.url}")
public interface NieuwsClient

But this overrides the default configuration for all our other clients. So we had to make an extra configuration class and had to put it on all the client that needs to decode json. We also tried @EnableFeignClients(defaultConfiguration = DefaultFeignConfiguration.class) but that did not seem te work. Anyone knows how to solve this?

Nov 23 2016 14:59
Does Spring cloud supports = gitrepo1,gitrepo2 where my service1 picks config from git repo1 and my service2 picks config from gitrepo2
William Witt
Nov 23 2016 16:33
Where do file an accessibility bug against the PCFDev Console? The stopped and running indicators are indistinguishable to me due to color blindness? Shapes would be helpful.
Nov 23 2016 17:10
@AnthonySlabinck The FooConfiguration has to be @Configuration but take care that it is not in a @ComponentScan for the main application context, otherwise it will be used for every @FeignClient. If you use @ComponentScan (or @SpringBootApplication) you need to take steps to avoid it being included (for instance put it in a separate, non-overlapping package, or specify the packages to scan explicitly in the @ComponentScan).