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Nov 2016
Andreas Evers
Nov 24 2016 11:27
Hey guys, I think there's an issue with metrics using Spring Cloud dependencies. Servo metrics seem to suppress regular Spring MVC metrics, resulting in all counters being removed. This issue was described on stackoverflow in April but no response yet:
Any idea about this?
Dave Syer
Nov 24 2016 13:17
I think there's an open issue in spring-cloud-netflix
Servo used to be optional, but it somehow made its way back into the classpath
Ideally, it wouldn't knobble the regular Spring metrics even if it was there.
But I imagine you're not even using it?
It's a US holiday today, but IIRC a release is planned tomorrow, so it's probably going to be up to us if you want to fix it.
Amin Abu-Taleb
Nov 24 2016 16:07
Afternoon guys, can anyone point me to some documentation about adding custom data to log4j2 logging in the latest versions of spring cloud? Things like adding the URL that was called, environment name and stuff like that. is MDC necessary in this case?
Dave Syer
Nov 24 2016 16:29
Is it anything to do with spring-cloud?