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Nov 2016
Andreas Evers
Nov 25 2016 08:28
Yeah I'm using the metrics from servo from the circuit breakers, that's pretty useful (especially the 99 percentiles). Didn't get your last sentence, do you mean a release of spring-cloud? I'll retest with the latest version. In any case I'll do some more digging, to figure out why adding servo disables any counters from getting reported in the metrics.
Dave Syer
Nov 25 2016 09:08
It was already released.
I can do another release if you can find a bug and fix it.
The netflix jar was already released (s-c-netflix 1.2.3). But Camden.SR3 is not finished yet.
So we could bump to 1.2.4 if we find a bug
Avetisyan Sevak
Nov 25 2016 12:14
Hi, guys
I have nodejs app
how to integrate them using spring side car?
e.g., i need to dynamically update some property in nodejs component and refresh it
Nov 25 2016 22:02
@dsyer : what kind of security we can apply on Eureka ? It seems today any application can registered to Eureka. I ahev tried basic security and I can still connect to eureka without credetnails ?
Dave Syer
Nov 25 2016 22:10
You haven't secured the server then
You can apply any kind of security you like (this is Spring, there are only choices)