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Nov 2016
Tommy Ludwig
Nov 30 2016 01:56
I'm trying to use the newly released Spring Cloud service release Camden.SR3. But it looks like spring-cloud-sleuth-dependencies:1.1.0.RELEASE is not in Maven central
From here, it looks like it is in "Alfresco Public" which I'm not familiar with, but not in Central.
Marcin Grzejszczak
Nov 30 2016 06:21
@shakuzen should be better now. Thanks for the hint
Tommy Ludwig
Nov 30 2016 07:18
@marcingrzejszczak now I see it. let me try again
Stefan Pfeiffer
Nov 30 2016 07:39
@mbogoevici @dsyer sounds good to me. This allows for ignoring the unknown event (no @EventListener registered) or take appropriate action (by registering on UnknownRemoteApplicationEvent and handling stuff there). If Dave is fine with that, i could prepare a PR...
Dave Syer
Nov 30 2016 07:50
Please do.
Hopefully we can invite Marius to comment on it
Marcin Grzejszczak
Nov 30 2016 08:07
@shakuzen did it work?
Tommy Ludwig
Nov 30 2016 08:25
@marcingrzejszczak yes, it is working now. thank you!
Marcin Grzejszczak
Nov 30 2016 08:38
Sorry for the problem
Spencer Gibb
Nov 30 2016 14:10
There is now a #spring-cloud-stream room
Nov 30 2016 14:11
Ok, thanks
Marius Bogoevici
Nov 30 2016 15:15
@dsyer sure happy to do that
Karthikeyan Palanivelu
Nov 30 2016 17:54
Hi, I have a application with HTTP Source with 3 custom sinks with Rabbit Binder. One sink is custom file sink. I use Commons IO to write data to file. I am using concurrency to 200 for writing into a file. I see lot of back pressure as the Message Rate is around 54/s as to incoming is 900/s. How would I improve it? Can I configure Prefetch limit on each concurrent consumer? Can anyone help me?