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Dec 2016
Marcin Grzejszczak
Dec 05 2016 06:01
If you do unit testing you won't have an easy way of plugging in the security context AFAIR
You'll need am integration tssf of you want to test the security features
Alexandre FILLATRE
Dec 05 2016 09:38
Hey there. I'm trying to use Spring Cloud Dataflow with YARN (Hadoop MapR). Is there a way to configure the YARN container's user used to launch the application ? Currently, it's the user that starts the Dataflow servern but as I'm currently testing it, this is my local user that doesn't exists on the MapR server
Stefan Pfeiffer
Dec 05 2016 13:22
@mbogoevici @dsyer sounds good to me. This allows for ignoring the unknown event (no @EventListener registered) or take appropriate action (by registering on UnknownRemoteApplicationEvent and handling stuff there). If Dave is fine with that, i could prepare a PR...
PR is submitted
Stefan Pfeiffer
Dec 05 2016 13:34
CLA signed
Dec 05 2016 17:48
hi guys, I'm looking at a distributed event bus options for a bunch of spring-boot/cloud apps and was wondering if Spring Cloud Bus is a good choice performance-wise? Let's say with AMQP messaging broker. The reason I'm asking is because everywhere I could find it's mentioned as a good mechanism for config-update type of events. Was wondering if it's any good for audit type of events and likes, which are way higher volume than config changes.
Spencer Gibb
Dec 05 2016 18:55
@ValeryNo It’s was build for low traffic types of events, specifically not business events (like user 1 saved their profile). That being said, the perfomance characteristics are that of the broker underneath.
Dec 05 2016 20:35
@spencergibb : do we have any sample to read certs from github using config server ? I am not much aware of this .. just exploring
José Vieira Neto
Dec 05 2016 21:47
Hi everyone,
The spring cloud is integrated into the spring boot cli, and I'm trying to do the same for my project. I created a test command to understand the spring boot cli cycle.
Now I wanted to understand how to integrate and execute this test command I created.Could someone help me with this? I shared on github
Thank's, I'm a big fan of the spring framework
Dave Syer
Dec 05 2016 22:12
@NetoDevel you have to register your command factory in META-INF/spring.factories
José Vieira Neto
Dec 05 2016 22:23
@dsyer Thank you.
Then just do the spring install myjartest.jar ?
Dave Syer
Dec 05 2016 22:36
Although technically I think it has to be com.mycompany:myjartest:1.0.0
José Vieira Neto
Dec 05 2016 22:39
I have to publish?
José Vieira Neto
Dec 05 2016 22:45
@dsyer Sorry, I got it now Thank you for your feedback.