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Dec 2016
José Vieira Neto
Dec 07 2016 05:54
Hello everyone, I am developing a scaffold for api in kotlin with spring boot, integrated to the spring boot cli. Who interested in contributing:
Dominik Gätjens
Dec 07 2016 07:21
@NetoDevel i'm missing the part "why should i care" ;) what are the benefits of kotlin with spring boot?
Thibaud Lepretre
Dec 07 2016 08:48
Hello, I would create a "post" ZuulFilter inside Spring-cloud project that interact with response headers. Here I have a stupid question but should I have to used ctx.getZuulResponseHeaders()or ctx.getResponse() (and associated headers methods) to alter headers?
Moreover if ctx.getZuulResponseHeaders() is the way to do, I saw that is not part of usable deps, I have to add it explicitly on pom.xml like following:
Thibaud Lepretre
Dec 07 2016 09:30

@ryanjbaxter (other subject) I just saw that comment As I understand Zuul will use HttpClient instead of RibbonClient by default. Thus what I'm asking is following configuration still useful in Camden?

    # Case sensitive properties
    ReadTimeout: 5000

or even global version

  ReadTimeout: 60000