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Jan 2017
Dominik Gätjens
Jan 03 2017 09:35
anyone know how to tell zuul not to uncompress gzip requests? i debugged the code but and it seems that the apache http client is configured to uncompress all gzip requests
ah lol the method is called disableContentCompression and the docs says Disables content decompression. Disabling decompression is what i was looking for. and the code fits better the documentation than the method name
Dominik Gätjens
Jan 03 2017 09:49
ok i reask the question. i still have no clue how to disable the decompression of gzip http responses....
Dominik Gätjens
Jan 03 2017 10:24
ok... got it someone configured his own version of RibbonCommandFactory
Oswin Zulu
Jan 03 2017 19:09
trying to run eureka server getting the following error :

registration failed. Cannot execute request on any known server . My config is spring:
name: eureka-server

port: 8761

hostname: localhost
registerWithEureka: false
fetchRegistry: false

Dave Syer
Jan 03 2017 19:21
We can't tell if your Yaml is valid unless you format it properly
David Welch
Jan 03 2017 19:35
Hey guys, has anyone looked at using traefik ( to front end spring cloud microservices? Currently we use zuul, but we've also got some go services and like what we see there
Annnnd as soon as I sent, I realized its probably too far off topic. Guess worth an ask
Andrew Fitzgerald
Jan 03 2017 20:06
One big feature that has which zuul is missing is websocket support: spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#163