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Jan 2017
Dzmitry Skaredau
Jan 09 2017 08:04
@markpollack do you think it's a right use case for the spring data flow when I need to apply custom set of separate microservices invocations (e.g. validation, ingestion, realtime analytics, etc.) and synchroniusly respond to the initial requestor?
can anyone suggest a way to handle tis use case in a distributed environment?
Anbu Sampath
Jan 09 2017 18:15
I checked spring -cloud-release page ( ) to see upcoming release. I am able to see the milestone tags, Can we see somewhere what are the high level features or changes going to come. similar to Spring-data- release ( )
Spencer Gibb
Jan 09 2017 18:16
we don’t have a page like that
currently you’d need to go to each module. It’s a good idea though
Dave Syer
Jan 09 2017 21:18
I thought we had release notes in a wiki?
Ryan Baxter
Jan 09 2017 21:29
Marcin Grzejszczak
Jan 09 2017 21:30
Spencer Gibb
Jan 09 2017 21:30
we do, but we don’t have one for dalston and its themes
to see upcoming release
Ryan Baxter
Jan 09 2017 21:31
ah ok