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Jan 2017
Dieter Hubau
Jan 27 2017 11:48
question about Feign: im trying to call a webservice from my local HTTP tomcat to an HTTPS service and im getting an cannot retry due to redirection, in streaming mode error
if I do the same POST (using PostMan) to the same URL, i don’t get a 302 but a 200 OK
when I go to the HTTP url using PostMan, I do get the 302 redirect to the HTTPS version… I don’t get it

this is the logging from my Feign client:

[DocumentClient#getDocuments] ---> POST https://test.******.***/******/**/****-export/1485516203/documents.xml HTTP/1.1

(left out some things in the URL)

so it does seem Feign posts to the HTTPS URL
Dieter Hubau
Jan 27 2017 13:39
I guess it comes down to: I want to modify my HTTP client to not use streaming for this request
Jan 27 2017 17:33

Hi All, I am trying to run a Spring Cloud Data Flow example using the following command:

stream create --name pmmlTest --definition "http --server.port=9001 | pmml --modelLocation= --inputs='Sepal.Length=payload.sepalLength,Sepal.Width=payload.sepalWidth,Petal.Length=payload.petalLength,Petal.Width=payload.petalWidth' --outputs='Predicted_Species=payload.predictedSpecies' --inputType='application/x-spring-tuple' --outputType='application/json'| log" --deploy
Created and deployed new stream ‘pmmlTest’

However I get the following error, can anyone help?

Command failed failed to resolve MavenResource: Configured remote repository: springRepo
Josh Fix
Jan 27 2017 19:51
I came up with a workaround to the EnvironmentChangeEvent issue I was having, although it feels a bit hacky. I also updated my demo application to show a non-working listener and the listener with the workaround.
the first time the listener gets hit, I call RefreshEndpoint.refresh. it's clear that it is already being called prior to me calling it somewhere (RefreshEventListener I believe), however the config property value does not properly get updated unless i call it again