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Feb 2017
Dieter Hubau
Feb 07 2017 13:24
is there any way to avoid using ‘streaming mode’ when doing a POST using Feign?
the remote service changed and is sending a redirect for our POST
Dave Syer
Feb 07 2017 16:57
It's a feature of the client lilbrary I think
So you need to configure that (independent of feign or spring)
Jeff Mesens
Feb 07 2017 20:23
After changing from camden sr4 to camden sr5 the rabbitmq queue for hystrix/turbine stream had a different name, it changed from "springCloudHystrixStream" to "turbineStreamInput". And the queue isn't receiving any data. Could it be that the name changed in spring-cloud-netflix-turbine-stream but not in spring-cloud-netflix-hystrix-stream?
Dave Syer
Feb 07 2017 21:59
I don't think anything changed in spring-cloud
Dave Syer
Feb 07 2017 22:11
Not in the Netflix stack anyway
Maybe spring-cloud-stream changed something (cc @mbogoevici)
Try downgrading just spring-cloud-stream and see if that fixes it