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Feb 2017
Tommy Ludwig
Feb 13 2017 07:57

For those using Spring Cloud Config for properties to connect to Mongo, for instance, how are you encrypting the password when using It seems we can't encrypt only a portion of the property value, but we also can't use with, as far as I understand.

Thus the options seem to be:
1) encrypt the entire uri property including the non-sensitive parts and add it to the sensitive keys
2) set the password as a separate encrypted property and make your own Mongo bean that uses it

Or has anyone else found a better way to handle this using the Spring Boot auto config and Cloud Config?

Tommy Ludwig
Feb 13 2017 10:01
Instead of encrypting the whole URI, I encrypted just the password, put it in a separate property and referenced that in the uri property. Of course I still need to add uri to the keys to sanitize to not leak the password from the /env endpoint.
Josh Fix
Feb 13 2017 19:35
anybody know if the spring-cloud-kubernetes project in the incubator will work with discovery first bootstrap for spring cloud config server?