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Feb 2017
Josh Fix
Feb 16 2017 00:11
thanks spencer. just realized I don't even need it since k8s dns will handle it all for me. if I use the config first bootstrap I get the best of both worlds... not needing to rely on a discovery service to do a lookup before I pull the config but still getting load balancing health monitoring etc from k8s
Tommy Ludwig
Feb 16 2017 12:17
I asked before but am having trouble getting things to work as I expect. I would like to make an auto-configuration that puts DataSource beans in @RefreshScope so that I can use Spring Boot's auto-configuration for the DataSource bean but still have it in @RefreshScope for changing some properties on the fly.
I tried using a BeanFactoryPostProcessor to get the BeanDefinitions for the DataSource beans and making their scope refresh but that alone does not seem to be sufficient as no proxy of the bean is made.
With that alone, if I refresh the application, the DataSource shuts down and does not start back up.