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Mar 2017
Mar 21 2017 06:18

we are migrating our framework component from Angel-SR4 to Camden-SR3. And the way to access the service is like follows:

we are using load-balancer to discover the service.

curl -k https://VIP-NAME/discovery in Angel-SR4

curl -k https://VIP-NAME/discovery/ IN Camden-SR3

where VIP is the load balancer


In Camden-SR3 ,https://VIP-NAME/discovery/ works, but https://VIP-NAME/discovery does not work. (notice a missing / at the end of url)

In Angel-SR4 , https://VIP-NAME/discovery/ and https://VIP-NAME/discovery both works

Could you please explain the reason why above url https://VIP-NAME/discovery does not work in Camden.SR3 but the same works in Angel-SR4 ??

here are some source code snippets: the below code is same in both the angel and camden versions. how these values are getting picked. what does the : mean in @RequestMapping("${eureka.dashboard.path:/}")
how the dashboard paths are getting mapped.?

public class EurekaDashboardProperties {


  • The path to the Eureka dashboard (relative to the servlet path). Defaults to "/".
    private String path = "/";


public class EurekaController {

private String dashboardPath = "";
private ApplicationInfoManager applicationInfoManager;

public EurekaController(ApplicationInfoManager applicationInfoManager) {
this.applicationInfoManager = applicationInfoManager;

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String status(HttpServletRequest request, Map<String, Object> model) {
populateBase(request, model);
StatusInfo statusInfo;

protected void populateBase(HttpServletRequest request, Map<String, Object> model) {
model.put("time", new Date());
model.put("basePath", "/");
model.put("dashboardPath", this.dashboardPath.equals("/") ? ""
: this.dashboardPath);
populateNavbar(request, model);

Charles Moulliard
Mar 21 2017 16:52
Is there a CI Machine available and used to test the Spring Cloud (incubator) projects ?
Dave Syer
Mar 21 2017 16:53
We generally use circle-ci
Marcin Grzejszczak
Mar 21 2017 16:53
we test some of them
Charles Moulliard
Mar 21 2017 17:04
circle-ci only supports docker but not kubernetes.
Spencer Gibb
Mar 21 2017 17:07
@cmoulliard what specifically are you looking for?
Charles Moulliard
Mar 21 2017 17:09
Which strategy are we gonna to put in place in order check of the spring cloud kubernetes (incubator) are working - spring-cloud-kubernetes ? Using a Kubernetes mock server ?
Spencer Gibb
Mar 21 2017 17:09
We also run CI for s-c-k8s on jenkins
circle is for PRs etc...
Charles Moulliard
Mar 21 2017 17:12
What is "s-c-k8s" ?
Spencer Gibb
Mar 21 2017 17:12
:-) I often abbreviate spring cloud to s-c-. k8s -> kubernetes
Charles Moulliard
Mar 21 2017 17:14
Thanks Spencer. So a MockServer is required as we don't have currently a Kubernetes machine to make such integration test