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Mar 2017
Niklas Herder
Mar 24 2017 14:41

Hi, apologies in advance if this is documented and I managed to miss it again:
I'm using three Feign Clients, two of which have a static server list and one is using Eureka. At least, that's what I want to do. But it seems that I can't configure per client whether to use Eureka or not, but it's Eureka for all or Eureka for none.
In RibbonEurekaAutoConfiguration I found this condition, which seems to imply that I can't disable Eureka selectively per Ribbon Feign client:

private static class OnRibbonAndEurekaEnabledCondition extends AllNestedConditions {

        public OnRibbonAndEurekaEnabledCondition() {

        @ConditionalOnProperty(value = "ribbon.eureka.enabled", matchIfMissing = true)
        static class Defaults {}

        static class EurekaBeans {}

Or is there some other option I can use to achieve this?

...and just after, I found this answer from @spencergibb : :)
Thanks for impressive StackOverflow-FU! :bow: