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Apr 2017
Tommy Ludwig
Apr 05 2017 04:43
Is decryption of {cipher} values supposed to work with plain text files for Spring Cloud Config? The documentation doesn’t seem to explicitly state one way or the other on this.
I guess one could just use a placeholder for a key that has an encrypted value instead.
Stevo Slavić
Apr 05 2017 13:36
hello spring-cloud community
about Spring Cloud Vault Config Client, will it get all secrets in one go and load them as property source in environment once on startup, eagerly - or will it lazily load properties? if lazily, will it be one at a time or all of them together? either way, if secrets change on Vault, does that require restart of the app using vault config client?
Apr 05 2017 13:40
guys. i named my aws route 53 domain name --- instead of is it valid?
@sslavic if your still online help me please
Apr 05 2017 17:38
I was considering bringing Spring Cloud Bus into my project but I see that since it uses Spring Cloud Stream and there are only binder implementations for Kafka and RabbitMQ, which I don’t particularly want to support in my AWS app. I’m wondering if a binder for SNS makes sense in the context of Spring Cloud Bus?
Dave Syer
Apr 05 2017 18:02
Maybe ask in spring-cloud-stream channel?
Apr 05 2017 18:13
Will do. I didn’t realize that channel existed.