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Apr 2017
Johannes Edmeier
Apr 07 2017 05:54

Dalston is ready for release.

Woohoo. I'm desperately waiting for this!

Fabian Wallwitz
Apr 07 2017 06:36
hi..i am searching for an eureka node js server implementation.. is ther any ..or any any other discovery which can talk to eureka server .. the environment i need to run the dioscovery on is an iot embedded system where java+eurka is difficult/ i need small footprint
Fabian Wallwitz
Apr 07 2017 06:43
i need a dicovery on the iot device for looking up local insatlled nodejs ws . In case the ws is hosted in the backenend the local discovery lookup shall publish local and in backend hosted services. For the iot service ws client code it shall be transpranet where service is running until lookup .
Thibaud Lepretre
Apr 07 2017 06:47
we are using it
Fabian Wallwitz
Apr 07 2017 07:09
tx.. but this is "just" a client .. and that would mean two clients on the "iot device won't be able to share/exchnage its local pulished ws without a uplink to the backend
an iot device being offline should still be able to to do service registration and lookup..and that would need local disovery server..or a peer to peer protocol, deosn't it?
the regular eureka client of course saves a copy of the complete erureka servers list it still has fronm the last sync.. but the chnaged between to sync with the server are not pulisched to a client without an uplink to an server
that is why i was asking for a "sever" written in nodejs .. or another idea how to solve it..
Apr 07 2017 14:01
Hi..I am securing Eureka(jhipster) registry using ssl (installed .pk12 cert) and able to access registry over https...the same ssl i applied to gateway but when i click on gateway on registry homepage,the routing seems happening to http instead of https..but manually when i add https for the gateway ip, i am able to access... how to rout http --> https ?
Guillaume DROUET
Apr 07 2017 16:18
@spencergibb do you think spring cloud gateway will potentially play the role of an API manager, or maybe it will cover a part of an API management solution?