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Apr 2017
Marcin Grzejszczak
Apr 10 2017 04:57
But what are you trying to achieve?
You can use spring cloud contract to stub out ribbon
You can provide manually for tests a list of servers and point to yourself
Apr 10 2017 12:37
To solve my trouble I mock directly the RestTemplate instead .
I don't understand how the list of servers works
does it should point directly on mock server ?
Alternatives to the native Netflix EurekaClient
Thibaud Lepretre
Apr 10 2017 14:19
@cforce my bad I didn't read carefully, and no I don't know (personally) any possible solution for your problem
Apr 10 2017 15:25
Hi everyone, I have a question about Spring cloud dataflow. Does anybody if there is a way to import a micro-service working with multiple input and output channel?